Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals Hilarious Reason Why He Used to Kick Vince McMahon in the “Nuts”

Drew McIntyre was recently a guest on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions. McIntyre revealed an interesting story about his finisher and how it became a thing.

The Texas Rattlesnake remembered his finisher and revealed a hilarious detail about it. Austin revealed that his shorts were too tight for him to raise his legs up. This is why he used to kick wrestlers in the nuts. Austin said Vince was one of the guys to experience it more than others. 

“Michael Hayes showed me the Stone Cold Stunner in North Carolina in a TV taping. He said, ‘hey kid, you got a second? Come here.’ Well, hell yeah. Michael Hayes is The Fabulous Freebirds, of course, I got time. He showed me the Stunner, I started using it.”

“Many times, if I was probably drinking too much beer, not going to the gym and drinking too much beer, my shorts would get too tight to kick my leg up high enough. So Vince was one of my key guys, I’d kick him in the bal*s so many times because my shorts were too tight. It wasn’t that I could kick up high, but my shorts were too tight to kick that high. I kicked him in the nuts I don’t know how many times that we still laugh about it,” said Stone Cold Steve Austin.

On the same episode of the podcast, McIntyre also revealed an interesting rib that Randy Orton played on him after he won the Intercontinental Championship in 2009.