Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Documentary Scheduled to Release Next Year

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was undoubtedly the most popular wrestler during the Attitude Era. He and Vince McMahon had provided great theater to WWE fans back in the 90s and segments featuring these two were never disappointing.

Recently, Lilian Garcia talked to Chris Van Vliet and she revealed that she is going to be part of an upcoming documentary on the life of Steve Austin.

A few days ago, it was also confirmed that Netflix and WWE are working on a Vince McMahon documentary.

Garcia said that WWE contacted her and told that the producers from The Last Dance will contact her regarding the documentary.

The Last Dance is a documentary based on the life of basketball legend Michael Jordan. It received a great response from the critics.

“WWE contacted me and they said the producers from The Last Dance are going to reach out to you. They want you in their documentary. It’s crazy because when I got the message I was literally just watching The Last Dance documentary.”

The documentary is set to release next year and will feature Steve Austin and his life around wrestling.