Strange WrestleMania Plans For Owens And Zayn

Dave Meltzer has reported something rather interesting and rather strange. This week on Smackdown Live, Sami Zayn turned his back on his longtime buddy. This, of course, makes the fatal five way match for the WWE Championship this Sunday at Fastlane much more interesting.

You would think that this is the setup for these two to have a blow off match at WrestleMania. Which without a doubt would be a great match. However, Dave Meltzer is actually reporting that the current plans for Kevin Owns and Sami Zayn are for them not to face off one on one, but instead be part of the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. This has in no way been confirmed by the WWE, but it does sound very strange to have to guys who have been so heavily featured over the last year be part of a battle royal at the biggest show of the year.

Who knows the whole thing could be a swerve and part of Zayn and Owens plan to get an edge in the Fatal Five Way this Sunday at Fastlane?