Strowman & Rawley’s Love For Hummus, Greatest Royal Rumble To Include 15-Minute Prayer Intermission

WWE released a video of Braun Strowman and Mojo Rawley talking about devouring large quantities of hummus while doing a media appearance in Saudi Arabia to promote Fridays’’ Greatest Royal Rumble. Strowman says that he has been eating non-stop ever sicne he landed in the Kingdom because of how good the food is and says the hotel restaurant served the best hummus he’s ever had. Braun also jokes that the restaurant put 2 Kg of hummus away and Mojo says doubling his workouts due to the good food.


It was earlier reported that the Greatest Royal Rumble on April 27 will include a one-hour intermission for Islamic prayers. However, new reports confirm that there will be a prayer intermission for 15 minutes. Wrestling Observer Radio adds that the break will not impact the viewers watching on WWE Network and other TV outlets. It is to be noted that an intermission prayer is a tradition when it comes to wrestling shows being held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. lists Friday’s prayer times for Jeddah at 4:34A.M., 5:54 A.M., 12:21 P.M., 3:44 P.M., 6:47 P.M. and 1:29 A.M.

The WWE Network currently has the Greatest Royal Rumble running from 12 P.M. EST until 5 P.M. EST, a making it a six-hour event excluding the one-hour kickoff pre-show at 11 A.M. EST which makes it a total of seven hours.