Swerve Expected In Huge Six-Man Tag Team Match At Super Show-Down

The Shield
Image via Youtube.com

The Shield take on the aptly named Dogs of War this weekend at Super Show-Down and there is expected to be a huge swerve as part of the match.

Over the past few weeks, WWE has built towards a Dean Ambrose heel turn, which was originally set to be implemented before he suffered an injury in the fall of 2017, but at the same time there have been hints that Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman believe that Dolph Ziggler is the weak link of their group.

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Drew McIntyre is believed to be the next challenger for Roman Reigns when it comes to that Universal Championship, which could lead fans to believe that the swerve would be for Strowman and McIntyre to leave Ziggler to the wolves in Australia.

The way the company has built this match up means that there is potential for a swerve on both sides, which is exactly the way that they wanted it. According to CageSideSeats, a huge turn is expected to happen, but it’s not known where it will come from.

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The Shield has been a cohesive unit ever since they reunited following SummerSlam, whilst The Dogs of Wars are only together for selfish reasons.

The fact that Ambrose’ heel turn has been pushed so hard over the past few weeks means that the WWE Universe will now expect it, especially since the trio are in the unfamiliar position on the back foot heading into their six-man tag team match.

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The surprise here would be if it was Roman Reigns who turned heel on The Shield or if it was Dolph Ziggler that walked out and left McIntyre. At this point the company has already hinted at the other two options which means that they are somewhat expected.