T-BAR Calls Out CM Punk, Slapjack Confirms Former Wrestling Identity

The new wrestling names of three of the members of RETRIBUTION were revealed on the recent episode of Raw: T-BAR, Mace, and Slapjack.

As they have also been identified as NXT superstars, the names and their new “looks” have not been very well received, being the subject of mockery in some corners of the WWE Universe.

One of those doing the mocking is the often outspoken CM Punk. On his Twitter, Punk posted a screenshot of RETRIBUTION member Slapjack and mocked his mask.

In response, T-BAR took to Twitter to call the former WWE Superstar a “coward” and took a shot at Punk’s history with the company playing a “rebellious leader.”

“You mock my brother SlapJack because you are a coward like every current and former WWE Superstar,” wrote T-BAR.

He went on to reference the fact that some people thought Punk might be involved with RETRIBUTION due to his previous work with the New Nexus.

“We will not follow you to failure like your New Nexus,” he declared. “We will destroy this place piece by piece, including you if you ever show up.”

T-BAR also made another Tweet, talking about his name, explaining that each letter stands for a word: Terrorize, Brutalize, Annihilation, and Retribution.

T-BAR is being reported to be the NXT star formerly known as Dominik Dijakovic, while Slapjack is reportedly Shane Thorne, an Australian wrestler whose real name is Shane Haste.

Slapjack seems to be taking to mockery in stride, declaring that he will do better as “Slapjack.”

He put up a Tweet where he wrote the name “Thorne” and “Haste” with a line drawn through them.

His Twitter handle is now shaneSLAPJACKthorne, with the “shane” and “thorne” crossed out.