T-BAR Talks WWE Signing, Declares Another Hall of Famer “Safe”

T-BAR took to Twitter on Saturday to explain why WWE offered RETRIBUTION contracts.

According to T-BAR, they were offered contracts to be the official members of the Raw roster because it was “financially cheaper.”

“WWE offered us contracts because it was financially cheaper than all of the security guards we kept injuring,” wrote T-BAR.

He followed it up with another Tweet where he said that the company is now paying them to destroy them because that was still RETRIBUTION’s goal.

“They think if we are under contract then they can contain/manage our chaos. But they will be unsuccessful,” he declared.

Though T-BAR has promised that no WWE superstar is safe from them, even if they are a Hall of Famer or Legend, he had named X-Pac as an exception for having a cool name.

Now, he has also declared that Booker T is safe from RETRIBUTION, for “just another incredible name, excellent choice of letter.”

As of the writing of this post, Booker T has yet to respond. X-Pac responded to his being “safe” by offering to help the group however he can.