Tag Team Tournament To Kick Off Second Episode of AEW on TNT, Cody Speaks About Stephen Amell Coming To AEW

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AEW set to begin tag team tournament that will air during second episode

The announcement of the AEW Tag Team Tournament came from Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks.

The Bucks wrestled their final independent match on Friday evening (August 9) during a House of Glory event High Intensity 8. They went up against and defeated Private Party.

Reports are saying that after the match, Matt announced to the crowd that it wouldn’t be the last time that the fans would get to see the Young Bucks versus Private Party. The two would be clashing again on AEW on TNT.

The match on AEW on TNT with The Young Bucks and Private Party will be the opening for an AEW tag team tournament. The episode will be aired on October 9 in Boston, Massachusetts. This will be the second episode of AEW on TNT.

Check out some fan reactions to Matt’s announcement:

Cody Rhodes Talks About Stephen Amell Coming To AEW

During a recent interview on The Apter Chat, AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes was asked about the possibility of Arrow star Stephen Amell doing something with AEW.

Amell is a fan who has had some in-ring experience. His first wrestling match was actually in the WWE where he was in a tag match against Rhodes who was then wrestling as Stardust. The two have maintained a friendship since then, with Rhodes taking on a guest role in Arrow and Amell becoming friends with the other members of the Elite.

“Stephen, you know, he’s a wrestler at this point. That’s what we say,” Rhodes explained, referring to the fact that the final season of Arrow has concluded filming.”He’s had a few matches and earned the respect of a rather critical fanbase: the wrestling one.”

“I get the impression that his lovely wife is not super excited about him mixing it up in the ring again, and I’ve got to say that I fully understand that.  But I think he’d always be safe in terms of doing something with his “The Elite” brethren, if that makes any sense. I think there’s definitely one more in the tank for Stephen when it comes to wrestling, and I’m not going to let him wrestle anywhere else,” he added.