Taynara Conti Reveals Frustrations With WWE NXT, Wishes She Was Released Sooner

WWE released hundreds of employees this past month as part of their budget cuts due to the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, Taynara Conti was among those individuals who lost their jobs on April 15th but the young athlete wishes the company had released her sooner in retrospect.

On Ring The Belle, Conti expressed her frustrations with WWE. The aspiring Superstar was being repeatedly tossed around although she didn’t have any special request for title shots or TakeOver matches. All the 24-year-old Brazilian wanted to do was wrestle and learn but WWE kept on signing experienced women who continually received the spot Conti wanted.

“I asked them ‘what about me?’ and they were like ‘well, there are people coming with more experience, they have wrestling backgrounds of ten years.’ In my mind, I was like, if you keep signing people who have like ten years of experience and you don’t use me, why do you sign people that don’t come from pro wrestling?”

Conti further stated that her release came outta nowhere. She did shed tears upon receiving that dreaded call from WWE, but now she’s excited to work on the independent scene.

“I was not expecting it at all. I was training, I was doing live events. When I got the call, not gonna lie … what a bad moment. I was feeling so bad, so bad. I got the call and I was by myself at home and I was just crying.”

Three months ago, Conti reportedly had an issue with WWE NXT over her pay. She walked out of the Performance Center following which her locker was cleaned out.

“Why didn’t they give me my release a couple of months before? Because then I would be able to do something…I don’t know much about indies or other companies. It’s kind of new for me. But I know I can learn, and that’s exciting.”