Taz and Jim Ross Throw Shade at WWE NXT in Wednesday Night Wars

The Wednesday Night Wars between WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite have heated up as both rival promotions continue to feud with each other in the biggest pro wrestling battle of the modern era.

Since WWE’s triumphant victory in the Monday Night Wars, not a single company has been able to scratch the wrestling giant’s territory. Vince McMahon monopolized the entire pro wrestling industry and turned the business into his own cash cow.

However, the very arrival of AEW and their rapid stockpiling of talents have concerned Mr. McMahon to such an extent that The Chairman has been putting together special events against AEW’s scheduled pay-per-views.

While discussing the Monday Night Wars on AEW’s post Dynamite online show, Taz and Jim Ross fired shots at WWE NXT. According to Good Ol’ JR, fans shouldn’t even be bothered about NXT since AEW offers a much better product with evolving talent.

“We got so many young guys who are evolving before our very eyes. It really should — this is going to sound real ass kissing — but, why is there even a choice on Wednesday night’s. You know, DVR NXT, watch it later, our sh*t’s better! I’m proud of being able to say that, it’s not in defiance, it’s just in reality.”

Taz didn’t hesitate to take a jab at WWE either; the Advocate of Brian Cage outright labeled NXT as “bullsh*t” and verbally buried the billion-dollar promotion. The former FTW World Champion dislikes WWE’s product but he respects the Superstars working for Mr. McMahon.

“I don’t remember the last time I even watched their show, that’s no bullsh*t. I really don’t give a rats ass about it. I respect the men and women there, who are bumping and working.”

Taz also addressed fans by clarifying that unlike AEW, WWE is insulting their audience by not acknowledging the competition.

“No dumbsh*ts, what we’re doing is not insulting your intelligence and acknowledging WWE. They’re insulting your intelligence. We bring them up because they’re there.”

The Wednesday Night Wars are in full swing and it will be exciting to see which company comes out on top when all is said and done.