Taz Says “A Lot Of Money” Can Make AJ Styles Jump Ship To All Elite Wrestling

aj styles
Image via WWE

AJ Styles will officially be a free agent in April, post-WrestleMania 35.

The 2-time WWE Champion has his current contract coming up in April, and as reported earlier, AJ hasn’t re-signed with the company yet.

The timing of Styles’ deal seems to be extraordinary for All Elite Wrestling is the new major player in town with a strong financial backing. The promotion is being spearheaded by Tony Khan, son of Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C. owner, Shahid Khan. For those unaware, Shahid’s net worth is double than Vince McMahon’s.

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Former WWE color-commentator Taz recently discussed the matter on The Taz Show and noted why fans shouldn’t get their hopes too high with AEW.

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“These are things that have to come out before I start saying, ‘Oh, this guy is going to jump to AEW.’ I understand you have a man with a family with a lot of money who can cut checks for anything they want. But there’s a lot more to having a successful wrestling company than having a gigantic bank book and a few men who know what they’re doing. You need other components to make it successful. I don’t want people to think I’m knocking AEW, I’m not, I’m just being honest. I think people—mostly fans—are getting ahead of themselves with this.”

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Taz also revealed what it would take for AEW to sign Styles.

“If AJ were to go to AEW—if that were to happen, he’s going to need a lot of money. I would assume that. He’d be right to want a lot of money, he’d be right to get a lot of money because he’s earned that.”

Mike Johnson had earlier noted how AJ could possibly jump ship to AEW given he is already 41, therefore, aiming for the best possible contract at this stage of his career treating it as his last.