Teenager Attempts RKO On High School Principal, Gets Arrested

Take it seriously when WWE tells you ‘Don’t Try This At Home, School or Anywhere’


Gianny Sosa, an 18 year old student of Miami Southridge Senior High School was arrested this week for attempting to hit WWE Superstar Randy Orton’s signature move, RKO, on his school principal.

Sosa was arrested on Wednesday and charged with battery on a school official and interference with an educational institution. The teenager was produced in a Miami court today and several local news outlets have picked up the story.

According to police reports, Sosa attempted the RKO in the school’s hallway and it was captured on a surveillance camera. A cell phone video shows that the principal managed to land a punch on Sosa before slipping out of the attempted RKO and getting him into a chokehold.

The reports also mentioned that the student was uncooperative to the school staff. He was arrested and held on bond amounting to a value of $750. Sosa’s public defender even admitted that this was one of the unusual arrest reports he had ever read.

Check out the video below:

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