David Arquette Wants Respect And A Wrestling Match With Cody Rhodes

Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion and actor David Arquette is on a mission to return and earn the respect of the wrestling community.

Arquette, who is 47 years old and held the WCW World Heavyweight title back in 2000, has been training and made in-ring appearances at small wrestling shows.

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While Arquette is a huge wrestling fan, his championship reign is remembered with derision as; it was mostly a way to promote his movie “Ready To Rumble”.

Arquette told TMZ Sports that he’s basically staging a comeback to shut up the haters.

“People have been giving me a hard time for 18 years and I’m sick of it,” Arquette told TMZ Sports.

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And what is his ultimate goal in his plan to earn back respect? A match against former WWE star and current IWGP United States Champion Cody Rhodes.

According to Arquette, he believes a match with Rhodes who is the son of another former WCW champion the legendary Dusty Rhodes will earn him respect.

“I mean [Cody] is one of the best in the world . . . so, if I could go toe-to-toe with him, that would be a good show.

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TMZ Sports also asked Arquette about possibly going to the WWE. Arquette was open to the idea but said that getting to the WWE was not what was motivating his wrestling comeback.

“WWE’s not the goal. I mean, I love WWE. I would love to do anything with them ever, but my main goal is getting some respect. That really was what it’s about,” he said.

Check out the full TMZ interview below: