The Bella Twins Tease The Possibility of Dream Women’s Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match

Nikki Bella is now just three weeks away from welcoming her first child, but the former Divas Champion joined her sister Brie Bella on The Bump this week where they were able to talk about the current Women’s Tag Team Division.

It’s hard to deny that Bayley and Sasha Banks are the best thing in WWE at present since the two women have become the hottest stars in the company, which could be why Nikki and Brie Bella are open to facing the Women’s Tag Team Champions in a dream match.

Bayley already called out Trish Stratus and Lita for a match at this year’s SummerSlam, but it will be a while before Brie and Nikki are able to make good on this challenge since both women are in their final trimester.

Brie Bella seems to like the idea of facing off against Sasha Banks and Bayley since the two women have definitely put the women back on the map over the past few months.

“We would love to go against Sasha Banks and Bayley. I mean, that would be incredible to be able to fight them for the tag titles, especially what they’re doing on TV right now, it’s just brilliant. It’s great.”

While her sister Nikki wants to add WWE Hall of Famers Trish Stratus and Lita to the mix to see who comes out on top in what would be an all-star bout.

“Well for me, what I think is specially because I love how Sasha’s tweeting like ‘best tag team ever’ and everything how they talk ‘I’m like, oh my god they’re setting up such a perfect storyline’. What my dream would be, is to have a Triple Threat Tag Team Match of Sasha and Bayley vs Brie and I vs Trish and Lita. Because I think those are kind of the most iconic tag teams that are very well known with a lot of equity behind us, a lot of storytelling.”

Nikki also noted that in a match like this, she and her sister would obviously have to be seen as the heels, even though Banks and Bayley are currently heels on WWE TV.