The BIG Fallout: Incident With Carmella Is The Main Reason Why WWE Released Big Cass

WWE officially announced the release of former Superstar Big Cass a few hours prior to this week’s episode of SmackDown Live and a major portion of the WWE Universe is making fun of the fact that the 7-footer couldn’t even survive for more than 6 months following his former tag team partner Enzo Amore, who was released by WWE in January, 2018. The bitter part is that neither of the two men received a “best of luck in your future endeavors” wish in the official statement.

There were several incidents that stood as the many reasons why Cass was released from WWE and everyone thought that the real reason would always stay buried – until now.

A new report claims that an incident involving SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella was the main reason why WWE fired Big Cass.

Cass went up to his former girlfriend Carmella to ask her for forgiveness and apparently in hopes for reconciliation, but ended up creating a scene. Carmella tried to walk off but Cass grabbed her arm and wrestlers in the near vicinity stepped in. The Usos and Eric Rowan were the ones to get Cass to back away.

The management came to know about the incident and the decision was made to fire the 7-footer. CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon called Cass into a room and broke the news to him hours before SmackDown Live in Toledo this week. This recent incident also explains why WWE did not well-wish Cass in his future-endeavors upon announcing his release.