The BIG Fallout: WWE Releases Big Cass, Real Reason Revealed

WWE has officially announced “former” Superstar Big Cass’ release from the company. The announcement was made a few hours prior to this week’s episode of SmackDown Live. CEO of WWE Vince McMahon called a meeting at SmackDown Live in Toledo, Ohio and then fired Cass.

It looks like Big Cass (real name William Morrissey) wrestled his last WWE match at Money In The Bank on Sunday where he lost to Daniel Bryan via submission.

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On Tuesday evening, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer reported that there were several things going on out of which, Cass’ breaking script on SmackDown Live during a segment with Daniel Bryan turned things ugly. Cass going against the directive from Vince McMahon seemed to be a slap on the face of the CEO and that issue seems to be the real matchstick that put the barn on fire.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, there was another incident that happened on the WWE bus that chauffeurs talent.

Cass was in the bathroom and got stuck as the lock was apparently broken. The 7-footer didn’t realize it and thought he was being pranked. After being stuck inside for a long while, an enraged Cass broke down the door. This meant that anyone else who had to use the bathroom afterward would have to do so embarrassingly without any door. Although some understood his frustration, some riders on the bus were really unhappy with Cass.

Sports Illustrated reports that Cass was drinking for the majority of the recent WWE European Tour that took place a week later and allegedly had “attitude issues when drunk”. The source also claims “being intoxicated in public” is one of the underlying reasons for WWE firing Big Cass.

Both these incidents taking place in such short time coupled with another pair of unverified incidents (that are currently being worked on for confirmation) seem to have been the final straw.