The Brothers of Destruction Return To RAW

The Undertaker and Kane may have a contentious history, feuding against each other as almost as often as they team up, but when they do team up, the Brothers of Destruction are practically unstoppable.

A fact that Triple H and Shawn Michaels probably know, but learned again the hard way tonight on RAW.

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The Undertaker and Triple H are set to face each other during the WWE Super Show-Down for the “last time ever”, and they have both brought their own backup in the form of the Big Red Machine and the Heartbreak Kid respectively

During last night’s RAW, Michaels came to the ring to state that, he had originally just intended to be an “innocent bystander” and simply watch the Triple H and Undertaker match, but given the threats that had been made over the previous weeks, he would now not hesitate to be involved.

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Specifically, Michaels stated that, it Kane should try to rush the ring during the Super Show-Down he would find himself at the receiving end of Sweet Chin Music.

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After that statement, Kane’s pyro went off and he appeared behind Michaels. Kane dropped Michaels and the lights dimmed, heralding the materialization of the Undertaker at Kane’s side.

Triple H rushed to the ring to help Michaels but they were overwhelmed by the Brothers of Destruction. Kane and the Undertaker dropped Michaels and Triple H with double Chokeslams. The Undertaker then administered one last Tombstone onto the Game.

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The final match between Triple H and The Undertaker is set to be one of the highlights of WWE Super Show-Down on October 6, at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds. Tickets for the show are currently available.