The Fiend Visits a Psychiatrist Ahead of Bray Wyatt’s Swamp Match at Extreme Rules

Bray Wyatt’s alter-ego steps into a Swamp Match for the Universal Championship this weekend as part of The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, but ahead of his showdown with The Monster Among Men, it appears that The Fiend visited a psychiatrist in a new hilarious video posted by WWE on Fox.

In the video, Dr Rachel Bonnetta was obviously expecting Bray Wyatt and not his alter-ego and then looked for some ways to break the ice.

After The Fiend refused to speak, which has seemingly been one of his main characteristics since his re-debut, the doctor decided to press on.

Bonnetta went on to ask him about multiple personality disorder, which once again didn’t gauge any kind of reaction from the man who has recently been responsible for a number of outlandish assaults.

It was only when the doctor pulled out a puppet that she managed to gain some kind of reaction from The Fiend, but it definitely wasn’t the reaction that she anticipated.

The Fiend’s scary music hit and the lights went out. It was only when the lights came back up that The Fiend was in the doctor’s chair and the doctor was nowhere to be seen.

It’s easy to imagine that The Fiend doesn’t need therapy but Rachel Bonnetta probably does right now.