The Godfather Hated The “Goodfather” Gimmick Change

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Retired professional wrestler Charles Wright is best known for playing the leader of the “Ho Train”, the Godfather. He is so well known as the Godfather that he was inducted into the Hall of Fame under the same persona.

Despite the popularity of the character, the Godfather was eventually transitioned into the “Goodfather” character who became part of the stable known as Right To Censor.

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During the latest episode of the WINCLY podcast on Wrestling Inc, the Godfather revealed that the switch to the Goodfather was a result of pushback from groups concerned with the content of WWE programming. The change happened when the WWE went public and SmackDown began airing on broadcast network UPN.

“When Vince went public and WWE programming got off of the cable networks, it got up to the [broadcast] networks and he went public things changed. Different people were looking at us,” said the Godfather.

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One major group that was opposed to the Godfather was the Parents Television Council (PTC). They believed the Godfather gimmick was inappropriate for primetime television.

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The idea of the Right To Censor came as a way to poke fun at the PTC. Right To Censor was to be a heel faction and a parody of the PTC. The Godfather renounced his former ways to become the Goodfather and part of the Right To Censor.

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“That was the worst news I ever heard in my life,” he said about the character change.


“I was enjoying my job and having the time of my life [as The Godfather]. To take that away and make me The Goodfather, I took it personal. I tried to do the best job I could but it was not a happy time. I became the old, mean bear again, and I really disliked it,” he added.

Check out the whole interview below: