The Miz And WWE Reacts To LeBron James Signing $153.3 Million Deal With Los Angeles Lakers

NBA Superstar LeBron James recently signed a $153.3 million 4-year deal with Los Angeles Lakers and caused a major upset among the Cleveland Cavaliers fans.

8-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, The Miz is perhaps one of the biggest fans of the Cavaliers. The A-Lister attends many games whenever his schedule permits.

The Miz reacted to the James’ signing on Instagram and it appears that he is not taking it well.

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WWE’s Twitter account also chimed in on the big news.

To many, the news was not completely surprising as the Lakers were the front-runners to get James this season, still, this news is a heartbreak for the Cavaliers’ camp. Hey, at least James brought a championship to the city during his last run in Cleveland. It is to be noted that “The King” will be in his 16th NBA season and stands as the 4th player with the most NBA trophies (13). James also brought the championship “home” during his last run with the Cleveland Cavaliers.