The Miz Comments On The WWE-FOX SmackDown Deal: “You’re Welcome, WWE”


8-time WWE Intercontinental Champion and Hollywood A-Lister, The Miz recently appeared as the guest on “Busted Open” on the SiriusXM Rush Channel and joined hosts Dave LaGreca and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry. The A-Lister talked about WWE’s new $1 billion TV deal with FOX for the SmackDown franchise and what the deal means to him.

LaGreca: “One other thing I wanted to ask you about and I started it off at the beginning of the interview is that $1 billion dollar deal that FOX has in place for WWE SmackDown.”

The Miz: “You’re welcome, WWE.”

LaGreca: “I’m saying, like you’re the face of SmackDown now. How does it feel for you personally for that type of deal with FOX? Primetime TV, that’s got to feel special.”

The Miz: “Let’s put it this way, I get traded from RAW to SmackDown and as soon as I get traded to SmackDown all of a sudden, you know, FOX puts up a billion dollars. So I want to motivate and dedicate myself to where when we are ready to move from USA to FOX in 2019, I want to be the face of that show, of this show. And so that is my goal. I want to be in the middle of every poster. I want to have merch that literally everybody wants to buy, that everybody wants to see. Sometimes I look at my merch, well I haven’t had merch in literally a year and when I get merch I’m literally looking at it going, ‘I wouldn’t wear this.’ So I want merch that people look at and go, ‘I want to buy that, I want to wear that. That is something that is amazing and incredible.’ Like I want to basically be the superstar I believe I can be and I want my talents to be utilized in a way that I can succeed and I really am going to motivate myself and dedicate myself to be the face of the franchise when the FOX merger happens because moving to FOX, a network show, this show will be bigger. It’ll no longer the quote unquote the B show like everyone always says it is. It will be the A show and more people will watch it. So I’ll be interested to see what happens from a creative standpoint, from a marketing standpoint, [and] from a WWE superstar standpoint.”