The Miz Is Set To Make SummerSlam Announcement on SmackDown Live

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The Miz and Daniel Bryan have been feuding on SmackDown Live over the past few weeks and it was thought that the two men would collide at SummerSlam, but The Miz refused to accept Bryan’s challenge from last week on SmackDown, when he offered Miz the chance to step in the ring with him one on one.

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Miz took to Instagram to tell Bryan that he deserved a much bigger match at SummerSlam since he is white hot at the moment after Miz and Mrs was deemed a ratings success.

Of course, Bryan and Miz have history, the two men first crossed paths in NXT more than eight years ago when Bryan was made The Miz’s rookie and their relationship has been downhill ever since.

Miz and Bryan were famously part of a Talking Smack segment last year that many fans hoped would lead to an in-ring match, but Bryan wasn’t cleared to compete at the time and it was unknown if he ever would be.

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The Miz knows that he is currently in control and he tweeted the following earlier today where he states that he will make an announcement in regards to SummerSlam tomorrow night on SmackDown Live.

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As already noted, since Miz has already declined the challenge that Bryan laid down for him last week for them to face off in less than two weeks time, it is unknown what The Miz will announce for SummerSlam, but he is expected to face Bryan at The Biggest Party of The Summer, even though Bryan’s contract with WWE comes to an end in less than four weeks and WWE is reportedly unhappy with his current contract status.