The Miz May Have Worked RAW Hurt, Elias Says He Can’t Perform With His Guitar Every Week

The A-Lister could soon become 9-time IC Champion, what’s next for The Drifter?

Image via WWE

The Miz defeated Cesaro in singles action this week on Monday Night RAW.

The Swiss Cyborg dominated the match from the very first minute but it was The A-Lister who emerged victorious in the end.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that The Miz’s performance on RAW bothered him last night – it’s possible that the 38-year-old Superstar isn’t 100% fit at the moment.

“You know what? Miz’s freaking punches with that left hand I don’t know if he’s got an injury. I mean usually I’d call them not convincing, they’re okay. I mean they’re not good, but they’re okay. These were like really bad like every since one was worse than the one before and it’s usually not like this, but it was.”

Hopefully, Miz isn’t working hurt as he’s set to face Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Intercontinental Championship two weeks from now at Clash Of Champions.

“Those left-handed punches every time he threw one it was like ‘is this guy hurt?’ I mean cause he usually, does he never punch? Because I think he does. Maybe he’s got a bad shoulder and it’s just making him punch weird.”

Meanwhile, former WWE 24/7 Champion Elias could have dropped his guitar permanently.

Last week on Monday Night RAW, The Drifter picked up his guitar for one last time to deliver his final live musical promo but his farewell performance was spoiled by R-Truth. Fans now wonder whether Elias will perform with his guitar on WWE TV ever again.

During a recent interview with CBS Pittsburgh, Elias commented on his future status with respect to his guitar.

“Well, you can never say never. But listen, there comes a time in every wrestler’s career, if you really want to take those next steps, you’re going to have to evolve. You can’t constantly be doing the same thing. While I really do enjoy performing in the ring and all that, there’s going to come a time where I can’t be doing that every single week.”