The Nature Of Pete Dunne’s Injury Has Been Revealed

Pete Dunne
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WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne has been the reigning Champion now for more than 501 days and it appears that he will be breaking Asuka’s record to become the longest reigning Champion of the modern era next week since he’s now unable to defend his title for the foreseeable future.

It was revealed this morning that The Bruiserweight had suffered an injury that had forced him to miss Destiny Wrestling’s show in Canada this weekend, but the specifics of his injury were not released.

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Instead, it has only recently confirmed that Dunne was suffering from a foot injury but it is believed to only be a minor one.

Dunne’s last match was back at Hello Wembley when he faced Ilja Dragunov on Sunday night at PROGRESS wrestling, and even though he was seen to be fine following the match, many fans have stated that he was seen limping and according to The Wrestling Observer, this is where the injury seemingly stemmed from.

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Dunne’s upcoming triple threat match on NXT that also includes Adam Cole and Ricochet as the three men battle it out for the North American Championship has already been recorded, which means that the next time he is needed by WWE will be on October 13th and 14th when NXT UK is taped.

This means that Dunne could only be sidelined for around a week as he recovers from what could be a minor injury since the specifics have now been revealed but it is unknown if it’s severe. WWE could have pulled him from Destiny’s show this weekend as a precaution and he could be firing on all cylinders once again in no time.