The nWo To Reunite During Orlando Fan Event

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Fan’s of the original nWo are in for a treat this month as they are going to get a chance to see their favorites during a live event this October 27, in Orlando, Florida.

The event was announced on Called the “2 Sweet” fan event, it will get the original nWo “band” of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and – interestingly enough – “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan.

We say “interesting” because Hogan’s had a rather rocky relationship with the WWE as of late. Though the company itself seems to be open to featuring Hogan again, many of the WWE faithful and even several WWE superstars past and present have objected to Hogan becoming a presence in the company again.

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Whatever Hogan’s true status with the WWE might be, it has not stopped the company from including a post from Hogan’s Twitter in the announcement on their official website:

According to the official announcement on, the “2 Sweet” fan event will give fans of the Original 3 of the nWo one of the most “in-depth encounters” with the three ever available.

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The day will feature five events that will be held at Mango’s Tropical Cafe and at Hogan’s Beach Shop.

Tickets for the 2 Sweet fan event will start at $199 and increase according to which of the specific events during the 2 Sweet fan experience that you would like to participate in. Packages for the event are available on Hogan’s website.

The advertised events include a recording of the “83 Weeks Podcast” of Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson, a Q & A session with the Original 3 (to last two-and-a-half hours), and a group photo ops session to be held at the end of the day.