The Real Reason Why Lashley-Reigns Match Was Moved Out Of The Main Event At Extreme Rules PPV

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It came as a pleasant surprise to many when the Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley bout did not go on last at Extreme Rules. Instead, it was the iron man match for the Intercontinental title that went on last. Many however questioned this move as the Intercontinental bout normally opens big PPVs. The Reigns – Lashley match was supposed to headline Extreme Rules and that was the plan till only hours before the PPV went live.

Vince McMahon wasn’t present at the venue doing his usual micromanaging from the back but apparently, he was more hands-on than most thought. He was in constant touch with Triple H and the others backstage who were in control of the show and apparently it was Vince’s idea to swap the main event. He was apprehensive of the way the WWE Universe was going to react to the match and he wanted to end the PPV on a high note.

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It turned out to be a great call as the crowd pretty much took a dump on the Reigns and Lashley match. They constantly kept chanting that had nothing to do with the match including wanting a beach ball. Had it been the main event, people would have probably started leaving or would have reacted even more negatively than they did.

This is not the first time something like this is happening, as the main event in the previous PPV, Money in the Bank, was also changed. It was the Jax and Rousey match that was supposed to go on last but was switched last minute for the men’s Money in the Bank bout as Vince wanted Strowman to be featured prominently and him standing tall on the ladder to be the last image people had of the PPV. Seems like Vince is still very much involved in the running of his company.