The Revival Demand Return Of Old School Tag Team Titles, Samoa Joe On Dean Ambrose’s WWE Exit, How Superstars Feel About Saudi Arabia Deal

Image via WWE

The Revival Demand Return Of Old School Tag Team Titles

After a long grind since 2017, The Revival finally won the RAW Tag Team Championship this week on Monday Night RAW. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder defeated Bobby Roode and Chad Gable for the titles.

On Twitter, Dash posted a photoshopped picture of himself and his partner with the old school tag team titles around their waists.

After Daniel Bryan‘s new wooden WWE Championship belt redesign, could WWE be on the verge of ‘reviving’ another main roster gold?

Samoa Joe On Dean Ambrose’s WWE Exit

Dean Ambrose will be officially walking out of WWE post-WrestleMania 35.

During a recent interview with Tacoma News Tribune, WWE Superstar Samoa Joe commented on Ambrose’s upcoming exit.

Dean’s a fantastic performer and there’s no doubt about it. Me saying that is like saying the sky is blue. As far as his departure, I think Dean’s the type of cat that he wants to do things that he’s into and if he’s not into what he’s doing at a certain time then he’ll have no problem stepping away and pursuing other things.”

“If that’s the case then cool, more power to him. I think there are so many people who are wrapped up in the needs and wants of wanting to become a WWE Superstar that they forget sometimes there other goals they want to achieve. I think Dean is a goal-oriented person and when he gets a goal in mind he’s going to try and accomplish it, more power to him. He will be missed.”

WWE doesn’t want The Moral Compass to leave by any means and is taking one more shot to re-sign him.

How Superstars Feel About Saudi Arabia Deal

WWE and Saudi Arabia struck a cash-rich 10-year win-win deal last year.

This led to WWE pulling off two huge pay-per-views in The Kingdom in 2018 – Greatest Royal Rumble and (the highly controversial) Crown Jewel.

Although it’s a pretty significant deal for WWE due to the bank the promotion is paid, the men’s locker room doesn’t exactly consider the Saudi PPVs as something worth sweating their balls over, as revealed by an anonymous Superstar on Matt Koon’s Total Engagement.

“Generally the Saudi show hasn’t been looked at as a massive deal. Just another show to most of the boys.”