The Revival Officially Reveal Their New Tag Team Name, Former WWE Superstar Ryback To Start His Own Wrestling Federation

WWE released The Revival‘s Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder prior to last week’s budget cuts. The Top Guys had repeatedly turned down various lucrative WWE offers and were already on their way out of the company, but WWE just eased the process by simply handing them the pink slip during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dax Hardwood (formerly Dawson) and Cash Wheeler (formerly Wilder) have now revealed their new tag team name in a recent teaser. The multi-time WWE Tag Team Champions will now be known as The Revolt.

The fact WWE hasn’t attached any non-compete clause to Dawson and Wilder’s release makes the duo eligible to sign with any promotion immediately. While AEW seems to be the most likely destination for The Revolt, Hardwood and Wheeler have teased a return to NWA.

Meanwhile, former Superstar Ryback is planning to get himself over again. The undefeated indie wrestler intends on getting the ring rust off as soon as he recovers from his recent stem cell treatment and has chalked out a decent plan for his return to pro wrestling.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Ryback revealed that he is looking to re-establish himself in the industry right from the comfort of his backyard. The Big Guy is purchasing a ring this year and starting his own backyard wrestling federation to rival Grim’s Toy Show’s GTS fed.

“I think my conditioning is as good as it’s ever been. I’m actually buying a wrestling ring here this year after the stem cells for my backyard because I want a Ryback Wrestling Federation, brother. Get a camera crew out the patio door. I’m gonna go up against that Grim’s Toy Show just have a waiver here for the guys. Get three jabronis here for a three on one matches get myself over on YouTube again all over. It’s my fun house. That’s my dream I’ve contacted High Spots to get a 20-foot ring. I think it’s gonna cost 10 grand.”

Ryback has already gone through a lot of treatments to fix his body and it’s only a matter of time before he steps back in the ring.