The Rock Destroys the Gate to His Own House

Former WWE Superstar and current Hollywood action hero, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson prides himself in being a hard worker – also he apparently doesn’t know his own strength.

On Instagram, Rock shared a photo of a gate that had apparently been ripped off its hinges and left on someone’s driveway.

The Instagram story revealed that it was the gate to The Rock’s home and the damage had been done by The Great One himself.

“Not my finest hour, But a man’s gotta go to work.”

There had been a power outage brought about by bad weather and the automatic gate system had malfunctioned, effectively barring the Rock from leaving his home. As he “didn’t have 45 minutes to wait” for a technician he tried to open it himself.

“I pushed, pulled, and ripped the gate completely off myself”.

The Rock then left his home and a technician and some repairmen arrived afterward and repaired the gate.

He ended the story by joking that now he knew he was completely ready to be the DC villain Black Adam.

Funny and impressive story from The Rock and also a good sign that he’s recovered from testing positive for COVID-19.