The Rock Praises AJ Styles, Styles Responds

Style took two stunners this week on Raw

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The Rock is a very busy man and is often shooting for either a movie or his TV show. However, more often than not, The Rock takes time off his busy schedule to make comments on his previous profession, professional wrestling.

The Rock’s arch-nemesis, Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared on Monday Night RAW last night, and delivered his classic stunner to the United States Champion AJ Styles. Styles sold the stunner in a very interesting fashion, one which was reminiscent of Rock’s famous sell of the stunner.

Styles interrupted Stone Cold’s opening segment and went on to call Austin an ‘old fart’. Styles brought his top-level heel game to the fore and that resulted in a massive stunner from the Rattlesnake.

Steve Austin sent out a tweet after his appearance on RAW, and warned AJ of not interfering with the Rattlesnake again. The Rock replied to this tweet, and called Styles a ‘hillbilly boy’. The Rock went on to praise Styles for selling the stunner beautifully. Styles replied to the Rock and said that he is a redneck and not a hillbilly boy.

The whole exchange was rather wholesome and it was good to see AJ Styles interact with two of the biggest superstars of professional wrestling. The Rock and AJ Styles have never crossed paths in the WWE before, and if a segment ever takes place between those two, it would be phenomenal!

Rock’s last appearance in WWE was during WrestleMania 32, incidentally Styles’ first appearance at a Mania. AJ Styles ate a Stunner from Stone Cold on RAW, and became one of the few individuals to have taken the Stunner since Austin’s retirement over a decade ago.

Stone Cold dished out one more Stunner to AJ after the show went off the air, and ended the evening on a high.

WWE Raw Exclusive: Stone Cold toasts AJ Styles with a Stunner

After WWE Raw went off the air, Stone Cold Steve Austin toasted AJ Styles… with a STUNNER!!!!!

Posted by WWE on Monday, September 9, 2019