The Rock Talks About Roman Reigns’ First Day On The Set Of “Hobbs & Shaw”

Image via WWE

Earlier this year it was announced that Roman Reigns was ready to make his Hollywood debut in his cousin Rock‘s movie Hobbs & Shaw. Hobbs and Shaw features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham in leading roles, reprising their characters from the Fast and Furious movie franchisee.

Roman Reigns plays the role of Rock’s brother in the movie, with Rock paying homage to his Samoan heritage. Both the stars recently gave an interview with Yahoo! to promote the movie releasing this Friday.

In the interview, both the stars talked about how Reigns actually landed the role of Rock’s brother. Rock brought up nepotism and said he doesn’t believe in it, and hence made sure Roman went through the same process of auditioning as everyone else.

“Let me just be clear to everybody – he read for the role because we don’t believe in nepotism. We do believe in taking care of each other, but he’s got to earn it,” Rock added.

The Rock also went on to praise Reigns for being an absolute professional and highlighted his versatility. He talked about how Reigns adapted to the shooting process quite easily and knocked it out of the park in his very day facing the cameras.

“There are a lot of qualities about Joe [Roman] that make him appealing to a global audience,” Rock said. “Obviously it shows when he’s able to make a transition like this, and the very first day, first take – bang! He knocked it out of the park. It was a very great feeling because then I was like, ‘Mic drop, b—–s. Look at my cousin.'”

Roman Reigns shot for the movie during his time away from WWE following his leukemia diagnosis. He returned to WWE in February, and since then has returned to a full-time role he had before departing.

Hobbs & Shaw will release in US theaters this weekend! Make sure to catch the Big Dog’s debut on the big screen.