The Rock’s Upcoming WWE Appearance Date Revealed?

the rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an incredibly busy person with Hollywood written all over him. The People’s Champion hasn’t shown up in The People’s Ring for a long while. However, that could change when SmackDown 1000 takes place on October 16, 2018.

Johnson is currently busy filming Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” but once that’s a wrap, he is going to bid goodbye to Canada to begin shooting for the upcoming “Suicide Squad” movie. The Rock will play Black Adam in “Suicide Squad 2” which is expected to hit the big screen in 2019.

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Joe Peisich from Barnburner revealed to Ringside News:

“For the 1,000th SmackDown which happens on October 16th they are negotiating and very very close to a Rock appearance. Of course it’s The Rock’s show naming it SmackDown after the smackdown or whatever.”

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SmackDown 1000 will take place at the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C  which is just an hour and a half flight from The Rock’s scheduled location for “Suicide Squad”.

The Great One has always made sporadic appearances in WWE whenever his busy schedule has permitted him and given that SmackDown was named after his own catchphrase, the possibility of The People’s Champ making an appearance at the 1000th episode of SmackDown is endless.

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Besides Johnson, the WWE Universe can expect to see other big names on the show. The Undertaker is already confirmed for the show and fans are now yearning to see Stone Cold Steve Austin who made a special appearance at RAW 25.