The Undertaker Booked For Clash Of Champions Go-Home Edition Of SmackDown Live

The Phenom’s last WWE appearance was at Extreme Rules in July

Image via WWE

The Undertaker is returning to SmackDown Live during the Clash Of Champions go-home show on September 10. This will be his second appearance in just two months.

WWE has made the announcement official; the show will emanate from Madison Square Garden, the epic arena that shares a special history with The Deadman.

The WWE Universe is busy speculating the reason behind The Phenom’s sudden appearance ahead of Clash Of Champions, especially when WWE has already booked him for SmackDown’s debut show on FOX just three weeks later (October 4).

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the matter while noting that although WWE hasn’t booked Taker for the September 15th pay-per-view, the card is always subject to change.

“Another interesting thing is The Undertaker is going to be on the September 10th SmackDown show which to me, I mean the big thing is that they want that big show on October 4th Friday on Fox. It’s like why would you put Undertaker on SmackDown three weeks before this big show because it’s like the second time seeing The Undertaker in three weeks it’s not that big of a deal.”

It’s very unlikely that WWE will book The Undertaker for Clash Of Champions at the very last minute. The 54-year-old legend is already scheduled for an appearance on the special October 4th show and making any additional appearance before that date would only take away from the box-office enigma.

“He’s not on the September 15th pay-per-view [Clash Of Champions] card from what I’m told. I mean, obviously with the way WWE goes that could change tomorrow, but he’s not, but he’s booked on both of those [SmackDown] shows. SmackDown tickets aren’t doing well at MSG, but that’s not the reason he’s booked. So, whatever.”

Only time will reveal what WWE has in store for The Phenom next month. The future Hall Of Famer definitely has a lot more left in his tank but it doesn’t seem like he’ll be lacing up his boots for Clash Of Champions.