The Undertaker Calls Out Current Generation Wrestlers for “Playing Video Games” and “Trying to Look Pretty”

The Undertaker recently appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast and dropped interesting tidbits about WWE.

The now-retired star had pretty harsh words for his fellow co-workers, as they called them out for playing video games and trying to look pretty all the time.

The Deadman felt his era had real men, while the current crop of wrestlers don’t even hold a candle to those guys.

Undertaker was part of the Ruthless Aggression Era and the Attitude Era, both of which were known for their brazen personalities until WWE decided to go PG.

“In that era of guys too, men were men. You go into a dressing room today and it’s a lot different. I remember walking into my first real dressing room… half of them had knives and guns in their bags. Sh*t got handled then.”

“Now you walk in and there’s guys playing video games and f**king making sure they look pretty. It’s evolution, I guess. I don’t know what it is, but I just like those eras, man. I liked when men were men.”

Several stars have taken offense to Undertaker’s comment, with Xavier Woods, who owns a gaming channel featuring WWE stars, hitting back at the Deadman.