The Undertaker Hints at Having a New Role in WWE Following Retirement

The Undertaker recently had a conversation with The Wrap where he talked about his post-wrestling career and what he would love to do now for WWE. 

In Undertaker: The Last Ride, the 55-year old veteran revealed that he’s done with wrestling. Though it wasn’t the first time he has hung up his boots, Undertaker recently revealed that he has no intention of wrestling again.

The Wrap asked him about having a different role in WWE, to which The Phenom responded by saying that he wants to train up and coming talents in the company.

“You know, that’s the pickle that I’m in right now, is trying to [figure] out what lane I want to take. I’ve been on the road for so long, that really doesn’t appeal to me, traveling and doing all that. I love to teach. Triple H and I have had many conversations about me working with the talent there at NXT, in Orlando at the PC. And I really enjoy that. And we’re just trying to figure out how it works because I’d have to come in and go out.”

“I live in Texas. So I’m sure I will do more of that moving forward. I think there’s a lot of– I think I have a lot to offer. The product is changing and evolving, but I think there’s a lot of what I bring to the table that is still applicable to the product and these guys need to hear it and see it from somebody who has made it work. So we’ll see what happens there.”