The Undertaker Joins TikTok, Issues “Undertaker Challenge” to Fans

The Undertaker is officially on TikTok and is challenging fans to take the “Undertaker Challenge”.

WWE and TikTok have announced that The Deadman is now on TikTok and are plugging his first video and first TikTok challenge.

Taker’s TikTok can be found at @undertaker and the first video sees his own wife, Michelle McCool doing the “Undertaker Challenge” and sitting up from a prone position.

The challenge basically asks participants to do their version of the Undertaker’s in-match “sit up” pose, which he often does after seemingly getting laid out by his opponents, to his opponents’ dismay and the approval of the fans.

Fans are encouraged to post videos of themselves taking the Undertaker Challenge and use the hashtags #UndertakerChallenge, #Undertaker30, and #WWE.

WWE Superstars are allegedly also going to be doing the challenge and sharing their videos on TikTok.

According to the official announcement from WWE and TikTok, Undertaker joins a growing list of “athletes, entertainers, and celebrities who have joined TikTok and connected with a new generation of fans through humor, creativity, and authenticity.”

Undertaker’s Tiktok comes on the heels of a November 19 announcement that he has joined Cameo for a limited time. He is offering to do 30 video messages on the platform for $1,000 each.