The Undertaker on Vince McMahon: “He is Not the Monster That People Think That He is”

WrestleMania 36 marked the end of The Undertaker’s legendary career in WWE. The Deadman made his WWE debut 30 years ago at Survivor Series pay-per-view. Since then, he has put his heart and soul into the wrestling business.

Recently, the retired superstar spoke to The New York Post’s Joseph Staszewski to promote his “final farewell” at Survivor Series 2020. He’ll be making a special appearance on the show this year.

Undertaker talked about a lot of things and one of them was Vince McMahon’s behavior in real-life.

Mr. McMahon in WWE is an eccentric person but Vince in real-life, as per Undertaker, is “a caring human being” and “not the monster that people think that he is”.

It’s no doubt that Undertaker is Vince’s most trusted employee. He’s also one of the closest friends to McMahon and both have the same level of mutual respect for each other.

‘Taker also said that he never denies any of McMahon’s request. A few years ago when Vince asked him to lose against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, Undertaker agreed in an instant.

“If Vince feels like there’s still something there, I have a place on the roster, then I had no problem doing it,” he said. “That’s where the internet and all that stuff kind of show up, ‘Just let him retire, just let him do this, let him do that.’ I’m a grown man. I can walk away anytime I want.”