The Undertaker Opens Up On His Potential Retirement, Confrontation With Brock Lesnar at UFC 121

The Undertaker returned this WrestleMania season to feud with AJ Styles. The 7-time World Champion donned his special Holy Trinity gimmick and defeated The Phenomenal One in the first-ever Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 36.

However, following The Deadman’s victory, fans began speculating whether the Boneyard Match was his last bout, especially considering the five-part docuseries that WWE produced about the final chapter of his career.

During a recent interview with Ariel Helwani on ESPN, The Undertaker was asked whether The Last Ride is a swan song itself. The future Hall Of Famer didn’t provide a direct answer; rather, he asked everybody to be patient and even joked about his WrestleMania return every year.

“Man you’ll have to watch it all to find out. Hey, I love ya, brother, but I can’t give you that before episode two comes out. Michelle [McCool] just stepped out, but if she was here she’d have something smart to say because I’ve been retiring at home for at least six years. Every year I’ll come home beat up and it all hurts the next day and I’m like, ‘that’s it.’ All I get is a big eye-roll from her and she’s like, ‘until April comes around.’ She’s been pretty accurate so far.”

Undertaker also talked about the confrontation he had with Brock Lesnar 10 years ago at UFC 121. Following a defeat against Cain Velasquez, Lesnar was heading backstage when he had a short staredown with the Phenom. Taker’s glare turned nasty and he said: “You wanna do it?”. Everyone seemed to think Undertaker was trying to fight Lesnar in real life as there was some beef between the duo.

“I was there to pick a fight. Yeah, I was sent there personally to pick a fight. I was unaware that [UFC President Dana White] had no clue what was going to happen, which I felt horrible about after the fact. I thought there had been some kind of discussion between him and [WWE CEO Vince McMahon], but at that time Brock was so hot in the MMA world.”

“So obviously, you know what? Why not try it? There was no personal animosity, really, but it was basically me saying, ‘All right, you left our world. I’m going to come into your world, and I’m gonna call you out,’ and you know, that was it. And obviously it was a huge media storm, and it’s all [Helwani’s] fault.”

“I was trying to get him back in my world. I’m pretty gutsy, but my days of getting into the Octagon are far past me. I mean, I am smart enough to realize that.”

As reported earlier, The Phenom will indeed return to the ring when the timing is right. Simply put, he hasn’t hung up his boots just yet.

The bizarre truth is that no matter how old The Undertaker gets, While the WWE Universe will always crave for “one more match” from him!