The Undertaker Reveals The One Wrestling Move He Hates to Take

The Undertaker will be returning to WWE to say farewell to his fans and the WWE roster this weekend at Survivor Series, but ahead of his final farewell, The Deadman appeared on WWE’s The Bump.

The future WWE Hall of Famer talked about the matches that he has been part of against The Godfather, who will also be part of Survivor Series on Sunday and recalled their infamous chop fights.

The former World Champion noted that the two men would brawl outside the ring all the time and even used to have chopping fights to see who could chop each other the hardest.

“And the funny thing is, in a match, I hate it when people chop me. I absolutely hated it.”

Every wrestler has a certain move in the ring that they hate having to take and while many wrestlers will flat out refuse, it appears that The Undertaker continued despite hating having to take chops.

The Godfather and the Undertaker have become the best of friends over the years which is why the WWE Hall of Famer will be part of The Deadman’s final farewell this weekend.

Will The Godfather be there on Sunday night to give The Deadman one last chop for old time’s sake?