The Undertaker Says There is “Not Enough Substance” in WWE

The Undertaker is one of the biggest wrestlers who retired last year. The Deadman had a phenomenal cinematic style wrestling match with AJ Styles. Their WrestleMania encounter was one of the main highlights of the show.

Recently, ‘Taker has been making a lot of appearances outside WWE as Mark Callaway. He recently talked with Jor Rogan and discussed the current WWE product.

Undertaker admitted that today’s WWE has “changed a lot” and that the product has become a bit “soft.”

“I’ll probably pi** a lot of people off, but they need to hear it. There’s too much pretty and not enough substance.” said The Undertaker.

Undertaker’s last appearance happened at Survivor Series 2020. He isn’t expected to wrestle ever again for WWE unless Vince McMahon requests him to.