The Undertaker Talks About Wrestlers’ Court and How Wrestlers Were Punished

Back in the days, most problems in WWE would go through the wrestlers’ court, and if there isn’t a verdict, then to Vince McMahon. Apparently, The Undertaker was always the judge of the court and he was the one to punish wrestlers.

Fans have heard some ridiculous and hilarious stories about the wrestlers’ court in the past that were funny to hear but in some cases, WWE superstars had to pay for their deeds, mostly by either buying a few cans of beer or a bottle of Jack Daniels.

The Wrap recently interviewed The Undertaker and when asked about serious infractions being solved in the wrestlers’ court, he explained how it sends the message across.

“Well, it’s not always solved by beer but there’s– sometimes it was used to kind of send a message. Sometimes that message was, ‘Look, everyone’s kind of taking notice. You’re doing this. It’s not out of hand yet, but you really need to check yourself before it becomes an issue.’”

“And then there’s been other times where things have moved on a little bit further along and it’s, like, OK, you kind of need to be made an example of. And it’s bad because you get put in front of your peers and you really don’t have much of a choice other than to sit there and take it.”

“What happens is, what do you do with it from there? Do you change the habits that brought you to Wrestlers’ Court or do you wear a chip on your shoulder and then you become really ostracized and on your own? Which is not a good thing to be in the wrestling business. Really, it’s not.”

Even though fans have heard stories like wrestlers getting kicked out of the locker room and apologizing to his colleagues publicly, most cases were solved in a “lighthearted way”.

“But for the most part, it was a lighthearted way to say, ‘Hey, you’re screwing up. Check yourself and get back on the same page as everybody else.’ And then there were times where it’s like, ‘OK, this– you really need to be made an example of.’ Because some people think they can get away with certain things and that ain’t the way it works. And we all lead by example.”