The Undertaker Teases Interesting Match Concept for a Feud Against The Fiend

The Undertaker officially retired from the wrestling business back in the summer, but the company has decided to mark the three-decade anniversary of his WWE debut this weekend at Survivor Series by saying farewell to one of their best of all time.

The Deadman is set to be in attendance this weekend and The Fiend has already teased some kind of confrontation with The Man who defeated his alter-ego, Bray Wyatt, back at WrestleMania 31.

This has led to many fans believing that The Deadman may not be done with the company just yet.

Ahead of his final farewell this weekend, The Undertaker appeared on WWE’s The Bump earlier today where he was able to talk about Bray Wyatt’s new character and how much he seemingly admires it.

“This iteration now, I mean, the possibilities are limitless. Because he has really taken his character to the next level. It’s original and it’s so different from what everybody else does. It’s so thought-provoking and it draws emotions from people.”

The former six-time World Champion went on to teases an interesting match type for the two men after stating that he would have loved to have had one more match with The Fiend.

“I would love to have been able to work a program with The Fiend. I mean my goodness, there’s no telling what kinda matches we’d come up with.”

“You know, just due to the strength of his character and obviously The Undertaker character. It would have been something else. It might have been a buried alive swamp match from Alcatraz. The possibilities would be limitless with those two characters.”