The Young Bucks Mock FTR’s “Past”, Takes Jab at WWE With “Creative” Photo

The Young Bucks had some fun on Twitter recently, poking fun at their rivals, the FTR, and a bit of a jab at WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

FTR, who are the current AEW Tag Team Champions, were “recent” transplants to AEW from WWE where they wrestled as “The Revival”.

Though the duo tried to present themselves as “old school” wrestling heels and had gotten over in NXT that way, they were underused in the main roster.

Reports broke in April, shortly after the Revival declined to re-sign their contracts and left the WWE, that the company had wanted to make them a comedy duo.

In fact, sketches of brightly-colored “clownish” costumes that Vince McMahon himself had presented to the Revival were leaked on social media.

The photo was posted on the Young Bucks’ Twitter account after a screenshot of an old Tweet made by Matt Jackson was put up. The screenshot stated one day the Bucks would wrestle The Revival and “everyone will rejoice.”

In response, Dax Harwood of the Revival Tweeted that they spent thousands of dollars to get out of their contracts to go to their show just to make this happen.

Harwood then took a shot at the Bucks, saying that they were” always too afraid to come to us”

It was after Harwood Tweeted that, the Bucks put up the mocking photo stating that if they had gone to the WWE, then this is what FTR would have looked like.

The Young Bucks vs FTR is considered something of a “dream match”, especially now that FTR holds gold.

Though plans have yet to be made official, it’s widely believed that the two teams are likely to meet during the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view on November 7 for the AEW Tag Team Championships.