The Young Bucks Reveals “None of the Boys” Knew About Sting’s Arrival in AEW

A few weeks ago, Sting stunned the wrestling community with his shocking All Elite Wrestling debut. In May 2020, Sting’s WWE contract expired and nobody thought that the wrestler would join another promotion, especially after The Undertaker’s retirement.

The Young Bucks recently showed up on Sitting Ringside with David Penzer. In one instance, Matt Jackson started to talk about Sting’s arrival in All Elite Wrestling and the AEW Tag Team Champion revealed that only a few people knew about The Stinger’s debut. 

“There was a very limited amount of people that even knew about it. Probably what? Five to seven maybe, Matt? So we knew it was happening and you could feel — that show, we billed it as a big show so we knew it was gonna happen then but none of the boys knew. They just thought it was a big show. So when he walked backstage, every wrestler turned their head and went, ‘Oh my God’ and when you could pop the boys obviously, you’re doing something right.”

Then, Matt’s brother Nick talked about Sting and revealed that Tony Khan asked for their opinion before bringing The Icon. 

“We knew for what? A couple months, Nick? That he was doing it. It was Tony [Khan’s] idea and he wasn’t going to do it until he got the thumbs up from all the EVPs and we were in a room, I remember a couple months ago and he told us and immediately, we all literally gave the thumbs up. We were like, ‘Hell yeah, that sounds awesome.’”