The Young Bucks Talks About Tony Khan, Almost Signing With ROH and NJPW

The Young Bucks recently spoke with Fightful. They talked about various things and among them, the AEW Tag Team Champions also talked about Tony Khan.

Khan started All Elite Wrestling in 2019 and the Jackson brothers thanked him for it during the interview. Nick Jackson said Tony is “a genius” and explained how he changed their lives forever by taking the risk on AEW.

“Tony’s a genius. Man, I’m just so happy that he took this risk and took us all in. He really changed so many lives and that’s one thing I always thank him for is helping so many wrestlers out. I’m so happy that he gave us a chance.”

During the same interview, Young Bucks revealed that they would’ve stayed if ROH and NJPW had offered them a dual contract. If that would’ve happened, they wouldn’t be working for AEW today.

“Why didn’t New Japan and ROH get together to offer all of us the money that we thought we deserved, I don’t know. In hindsight, they didn’t know that this new project was happening. They didn’t know All Elite Wrestling was going to be a thing. Nobody did, and I think maybe now looking back if they knew that there was this project blooming, then they probably would have offered us anything,” Matt stated.

Matt and Nick Jackson currently perform as wrestlers for AEW and also serve as the company’s Executive Vice Presidents. Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega are two other wrestlers who work as EVPs of All Elite Wrestling.