“There’s Times He’ll Say Some Stupid Stuff and You Want to Smack Him” – Roman Reigns on Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman has had his moments in WWE. Initially, WWE pushed him as a monster on Raw when he was feuding with Roman Reigns. Their feud was one of the highlights of WWE television in 2016. 

There were some reports that people are upset backstage from Strowman due to his poor attitude. Now Reigns, who was recently interviewed by CBS, has made an interesting revelation about The Monster Among Men. 

The current WWE Universal Champion said that Strowman wasn’t an easy guy to work with initially and he’d do things that would make him “want to smack him”. Though he also praised Strowman for improving since. 

“If it’s been 125 times, on Day 1, he didn’t know left from right,” Reigns said. “It’s been amazing to see his growth as a performer. There’s times he’ll say some stupid stuff and you want to smack him, but he means well. He’s a big guy with a lot of charisma and a very lovable guy. There are times where you can see that he’s getting it and starting to understand what he’s supposed to do and why he’s supposed to do it.”

“For me to have been one of the first to take him on and show him the way, I’m just happy that he trusted me. A lot of guys struggle with just listening and understanding that maybe the guy that’s done it longer than you can teach you something. He put that trust in me, and I think it has paid dividends. I think it has helped him be able to hold his own and stay at a certain level in where we are, but it’s a totally different dynamic now and I have a totally different attitude.”

Both men are good friends outside the ring and recently shared the ring once again on WWE SmackDown where The Big Dog defeated Strowman via submission.