Thunder Is Coming To The WWE Network!

WWE Network News has reported that in the next week or so we can expect to see WCW Thunder episodes appear on the WWE Network.

Currently, March 19th is the date that these are scheduled to appear. WCW Thunder has not been on the WWE Network due to a lawsuit filed by Buff Bagwell and Raven due to royalties that they feel they are due from the WWE Network.

WCW Thunder was the B Show for WCW, but many of the big names of the era such as Bret Hart, Scott Hall, Randy Savage and much more did appear on the show. As a matter of fact, Eric Bischoff has said before that the getting more star power for Thunder was one of the reasons behind making such a strong play to land Bret Hart. How many episodes will be uploaded and how they will be edited has not yet been confirmed.

More content getting added to the WWE Network is never a bad thing and hopefully, more will be coming in the coming months.