Tommaso Ciampa Fires Shots At Two Main Roster Stars

Tommaso Ciampa
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Seth Rollins announced earlier today that tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw would see the return of the Intercontinental Championship open challenge since he is still the Champion and was able to retain his Championship in a steel cage match against Dean Ambrose at Starrcade.

Rollins and John Cena have proved that they are worthy Champions over the past few years by sending out open challenges to the WWE locker room when it comes to their Championships and Rollins has now decided that his Open Challenge should once again become a thing.

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Whilst Rollins is proving that he is the best wrestler in the world on Monday Night Raw, it appears that NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa doesn’t agree with his tactics since he believes that all of the challengers for his NXT Championship will have to earn their shot.

Ciampa retained his Championship against Velveteen Dream back at Takeover: War Games and right now the former DIY member doesn’t have a challenger for his title heading into the first Takeover event of 2019.

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Open challenges usually only work for face superstars who believe that they have something to prove, which is why Ciampa would obviously never issue one for his title because he would be scared that the person that answers it would be able to defeat him and take away the gold that he worked so hard to raise.

Ciampa is one of the strongest Champions in WWE at present since he has regularly been active online and on TV, which is more than can be said for the likes of Brock Lesnar and the new WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Although, it’s interesting to note that all WWE’s main male Champions are currently heel.