Tommaso Ciampa: “I’ll Retire If WWE Ever Calls Me Up To The Main Roster”

Image via WWE

Tommaso Ciampa has made NXT his own playground in the last few years, as he and Johnny Gargano have featured in some of the most iconic matches and rivalries on the yellow brand ever since arriving in WWE.

Ciampa recently appeared on the Chasing Glory podcast and talked about his stint on Wednesday nights. Ciampa revealed that he is extremely content in NXT and has zero interest in joining the main roster.

Ciampa said he fought off several main-roster callups, which NXT producer Shawn Michaels found amusing. Michaels found it funny that Ciampa was ready to sacrifice a much larger paycheck to stay in the ‘developmental’ brand of WWE.

The Blackheart said he won’t be able to last on the main roster with the form of schedule they have. Ciampa said he’ll have to stay away from his family for the majority of the year, as RAW and SmackDown superstars often find themselves staying on the road for nearly 300 days in a year.

Ciampa, along with Gargano, Ricochet and Aleister Black actually moved up to the main roster earlier this year, but it was a temporary decision. While Ricochet and Black stayed up, Gargano and Ciampa returned back to NXT.

Ciampa went on to add that if he was ever moved up to the main roster, he’ll work for six months and then retire to work in a backstage role or a coach at the Performance Center.

It was revealed a few months ago that despite NXT fetching a television deal, the superstars performing on the Wednesday nights will continue to have developmental contracts instead of main-roster money.

Despite the lower pay-scale, Ciampa’s insistence to stay on NXT shows his commitment to the brand, and Ciampa himself referred to SmackDown as a ‘lateral’ move, when he announced NXT Referee Jessika Karr leaving the brand last week.