Tommaso Ciampa Talks Move To Main Roster, Women’s Revolution

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Current NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa is a loud and proud champion and member of the NXT roster. According to Ciampa, NXT is the future of wrestling and he has no real interest in moving to the main roster.

Speaking to The Independent, Ciampa stated that people need to stop saying that NXT is the next generation of “future stars.”

“We are the current stars. We’re the present. I am the NXT champion. I am the greatest champion in all of sports entertainment. That’s not excluding RAW and SmackDown, that’s including them. There is no getting called up. If anything those people should hope they be brought back to NXT. This is the hottest brand in the entire universe right now,” declared Ciampa.

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Ciampa also spoke about the women wrestlers of NXT, both past and present. Ciampa puts forth a rather compelling argument that the vaunted Women’s Revolution was actually an NXT thing.

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“It started in NXT,” declared Ciampa. “ Bayley and Sasha Banks and all these great women before have raised the bar.”

“Now we are seeing it again. Shayna Baszler is legit. Jessamyn Duke. Now we have Bianca Belair. It’s a great group throughout. It’s what makes NXT so special,” he added.

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If the current NXT champion isn’t looking to move to the main roster, what is next? Ciampa seems to believe that there’s more than enough interesting new competition to keep fans watching him in NXT.

“I love competition. I love when all the eyes are on me. I love Matt Riddle. I love Keith Lee. I love Dominik Dijakovic. I love these guys because they’re going to continue to push me,” he said.